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Attentions and Q & A

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A. How to reconnect and operation when failed to reconnect?

   When M109 connect with your mobile phone successfully at the first time, it will search and reconnect the paired device automatically when power on. If failed, please pair and connect again. You can click the name of the headset "M109" in the Bluetooth pairing list of your mobile phone to connect, or press the "MFB" and "Volume-" for 5 seconds at the same time to clear the matching record of the headphone and then reconnect it with the mobile phone.

B. How to delete paired records ?

   In the power on status (not allowed in the call state), press“MFB" and“Volume -”Button for 5 seconds at the same time to clear the pairing record. If the red light is on for 1 second, the matching records of M109 can be cleared. The connected devices are no longer connected. When various connection exceptions occur, you can try to clear the pairing records.

C. What is the password for pairing?

   Some connection devices require password for pairing, please try 0000 or 8888 or 1111 or 1234.

D. What devices could charge for the headphone?

   Any car charger, power bank, PC etc. which meet DC 5V, charging current more than 500mA could charge M109.

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