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  • Attentions and Q & A

    Attentions and Q & A

    A. How to reconnect and operation when failed to reconnect? When M109 connect with your mobile phone successfully at the first time, it will search and reconnect the paired device automatically when power on. If failed, please pair and conn···...More>>

  • Bluetooth Pairing and Connection

    Bluetooth Pairing and Connection

    Minutes are used to record, communicate the meeting and agreed matters of the document. It is different from the meeting records, for enterprises, institutions and organizations are applicable. The concept of meeting minutes is to record an...More>>

  • USB Audio Dongle

    USB Audio Dongle

    Activate USB Bluetooth Dongle 1) Plug the Bluetooth Dongle into a USB port on your computer, it will be turned on automatically. 2) Once turned on, the indicator on the Dongle will flash quickly in blue indicating it is in pairing mode now.···...More>>

  • Frequently Questions and Answers

    Frequently Questions and Answers

    Q: Does it has active noise cancellation?A: Yes, it has ANC(active nose cancellation). But if in wired mode, the ANC will be unavailable.Q: Will the ANC be available on airplane? A: The ANC is available in wireless mode. But it can’t work ···...More>>